Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lhakang Chenmo Main Temple, Sakya Town

The Main Temple of Lhakang Chenmo Monastery, Sakya Town, Tibet. This set of images is still very large and needs to be divided into smaller groupings of images. The labeling will take some time to complete. The famous Temple Pillars have already been divided into a separate grouping.

Mandala Roof Balcony, Lhakang Chenmo

The Mandala Roof Balcony of Lhakang Chenmo Monastery, Sakya Town, Tibet, is located on the 2nd to top floor and faces in towards the central open courtyard below. The mandala paintings are subject to a tremendous degree of weathering because they are exposed to the harsh elements with only a roof above and no wall or protection facing the courtyard. The subjects of the mandalas follow closely to the iconographic programs of the Shalu and Gyantse Monasteries.

Bamo Lhakang, Sakya Town

The Bamo Lhakang is located in Lhakang Chenmo Monastery in the north-west corner tower. The various rooms contain a number of sculpture of famous Throne Holders of Sakya along with various small protector chapels the foremost being the for the Three Witches (Bamo). The various wall towers also serve as residences for senior monks and abbots.