Saturday, January 31, 2009

Two New Sakya Publications

Two new publications in the WSTB series (Vienna Studies in
Tibetology and Buddhism).

WSTB No. 68. Jowita Kramer "A noble Abbot from Mustang. Life and
Works of Glo-bo mKhan-chen (1456-1532)" (2008) 334p. ISBN:
978-3-902501-07-3. EUR 26.00

WSTB No. 69. Pascale Hugon "Trésors du raisonnement. Sa skya
Pan dita et ses prédécesseurs tibétains sur les modes de
fonctionnement de la pensée et le fondement de l'inférence" Édition et
traduction annotée du quatrième chapitre et d'une section du dixième
chapitre du Tshad ma rigs pa'i gter (2008) 2 vols; 854p. ISBN:
978-3-902501-08-0. EUR 52.50

Orders can be placed at the WSTB website.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Profile of the Web Author

A new profile has been added to the Himalayan Art Resources website. For those of you who care to know where I disappeared to for the last 10 years then look to the HAR website for a profile. It was primarily written by James Shaheen of the Buddhist Tricycle Magazine.

We are trying to give the HAR website and staff a higher profile so that we can be in a better position for grant applications and fund-raising. We live in difficult financial times and New York, the epicenter of North American finance, seems to be hit harder than other places. This is probably because it is also the center of financial corruption. On a positive note, New York is also the museum capital of the world and probably has more Himalayan and Tibetan art than any other city in the Western world. See the New York City Outline Page.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Zimwock Rinpoche Returns

After many years of leading a quiet life away from the spotlight Zimwock Rinpoche of the Tsar sub-school of Sakya (biography) has returned. Zimwock Tenzin Trinley Ling has been established as Rinpoche's seat in Kathmandu, Nepal. Zimwock and Chogye are the two principal Labrangs (houses) of Nalendra Monastery (history) in Phanpo, Tibet. The previous Zimwock was regarded as a Mahakala emanation and passed away in Dharmsala, India, in 1963. (For more information please see the biography of Chogye Tri Rinpoche. Also see the Project to Rebuild Nalendra Monastery).

Saturday, January 3, 2009

60 New Links

Over Sixty new links have been added to the SRG Links Page. Most of the links are for Sakya centers around the world, Tibet, India, Nepal, North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Some additional links under General Resources are of Sakya interest although a few should be re-located to other pages of the SRG rather than on the Links page. I will move these later when I have more time.

A new section listing Search Engines has been added to the Links Page. I always find it amazing that the different search engines can serve up such different results. On Google the SRG site usually comes up in the top five. On the Yahoo search engine I am lucky if the SRG is in the top two hundred listings. Sometimes the technology seems quite random. However, the technology and hard drive space supporting the image search engines are quite interesting and they produce vast results, almost overwhelming. They open up a new window onto the visual culture of Sakya, the teachers and students, rituals, monasteries, sacred landscape and architecture. The only thing missing is a good editor.

The Tibet Album and Sakya Photos

"The Tibet Album presents more than 6000 photographs spanning 30 years of Tibet's history. These extraordinary photographs are a unique record of people long gone and places changed beyond all recognition." (Publisher).

There are some interesting old photos of Sakya worth looking at especially in light of the extensive renovations that have been done at Sakya Monastery (Lhakang Chenmo) in the last few years.